Flower Essences

Dachshund puppyI am pleased to integrate the flower essences made by Green Hope Farm and Spirit Essences into my work with animals.  Both companies are recognized worldwide for creating flower essences of the highest purity, quality, and vibrational frequency.  They are renowned for their healing and transformative qualities.

Inspired by the angels, Green Hope Farm has lovingly developed an Animal Wellness Collection of 22 essences that provide support for animals facing a variety of physical, emotional, and environmental challenges or conditions that are creating disharmony and dis-ease for themselves and their creature and human companions.

 When you purchase a telepathic consultation for one of your animals, you can also select the option of receiving a complimentary flower essence that is appropriate for your animal’s condition

All essences (in 1/2 ounce blue cobalt bottles) will be shipped with a free informational booklet from Green Hope Farm, with a list of the flower essence ingredients in each of the remedies, and instructions on how to administer them.

Spirit Essences has developed an array of species-specific flower essence formulas designed for animals to gently support the resolution of emotional and behavioral problems and a variety of health challenges.   Click here for a list of their products; you will receive a 5% discount on every purchase by entering the special code: ANIMALTRANSLATIONS.


The GREEN HOPE Animal Wellness Collection

ABANDONMENT & ABUSE     For rescue animals or anyone or any animal who experienced a traumatizing situation earlier in their lives. Helps release all aspects of the trauma from the emotional, mental, physical, and memory bodies so that complete healing can occur.

ANIMAL EMERGENCY CARE      Especially formulated to offer help during the acute healing crises, emergencies, stressful situations, and traumas that animals face.

ANXIETY      For anxiety, nervous habits, phobias, such as fear of loud noises, obsessive behaviors such as excessive licking or feather picking, fear of people or of being handled,  or for times when we are overwrought or confused in our thinking–good for people and animals alike.

BREATHE     Lung and pulmonary systems, upper respiratory system health.

CARETAKER      Helps us deepen our empathy, intuitive communication, and unconditional love in caretaking relationships, also restores us when much has been demanded of us as caretakers, supports both animals and people.

DIGESTIVE WOES     For gastrointestinal issues.

FLEE FREE      Helps animal or human to strengthen our boundaries to rebuff pests more easily, leaving our energy systems pristine and free from violation.

FLOW FREE    Urinary tract health, issues of flow anywhere in the body, a mystical powerhouse.

GRIEF & LOSS     For when a companion or loved one dies, loss of a home or sense of purpose, break up of family, or for despair, depression, brokenness, or grief.

HEALTHY COAT    Addressing all issues of hair, fur or skin including hot spots, rashes, skin sensitivities, allergic reactions, or lackluster coat, this mix includes seven Aloes and is wonderful for humans too. 

IMMUNE SUPPORT    Support for the immune system. 

JEALOUSY    Jealousy in any form including sibling rivalry among animals in the same household.

NEEDINESS    Supports an animal to find balance and right relationship with his caretaker.  Helpful for an animal who is overly anxious to please his person or who wavers between self-confidence and no confidence, exhibiting resentment, alternating with clinginess, in his search for his place in the world.   Also supports a human to find right relationship with human community and his or her inner divinity.

NEW BEGINNINGS    For both old and new animals when a new animal arrives in a household, or for transition to new caretakers, a new role, or a new home.  Also for people when faced with a new home, new primary relationships, new role, or new life situation.

OUTBURST    For aggression, outbursts of violent behavior that are often unexpected or out of character, or for any unproductive release of pent-up emotions or energies through destructive physical activity.   This mix supports both animals and people to release these and other kinds of electrical overcharges in a benign way.  This essence also helps to manage skin rashes, fevers, argumentativeness, biting, and temper tantrums.

RECOVERY    Support for recovery from illness, surgery, or trauma; helps animals and people re-find strength and stamina.

RUN & PLAY    Supports the healing process for any orthopedic injury or chronic condition which interferes with joyful, flexible, carefree running and playing.

SENIOR CITIZEN    To help maintain emotional equilibrium and good cheer during declines in function associated with aging and to help with the reversal of these declines to whatever degree is possible in areas such as flexibility, eyesight, hearing, energy levels, and general flow of systems.

SEPARATION    Helps with separation anxiety, or when a beloved Caretaker is away or at work, and animals are home alone or in the care of someone other than their person.

SHOWCATS    Supports balanced self-expression for animals in or out of shows, helps shy and retiring animals blossom, and helps very assertive animals to find appropriate poise and restraint.

SPRAYING    Encourages animals who have difficulty discharging negativity except through behaviors like spraying to learn to do so in more benign ways.  Helps with litter box issues or confusion about role in the household due to the arrival of a new animal or family member.

TRANSITION    Energetic support for all transitions in life, and for death and the dying process.