Retired Racehorses

RetiredthoroughbredphotoI’ve had a lifelong love of thoroughbreds, whether they’re competing and enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

In my past life, I bred and raced thoroughbred racehorses and worked as a pedigree analyst at my own bloodstock agency, Harmonay Thoroughbred Associates.  I’m still a passionate follower of thoroughbred racing, and occasionally write about the pedigrees of up-and-coming, distinguished, or compromised thoroughbred athletes.

If you’ve recently adopted an off-the-track thoroughbred (OTTB) and are encountering snags or challenges in acclimating her to a new routine, I’d love to help.  I don’t have to meet you or your horse in order to understand what might be getting in the way of her training (though I’d be happy to visit your barn, if you’re local).  In most cases, I can offer practical insights to ensure that your horse will flourish in her new career.

For remote sessions, I’m now offering a special rate for consultations with newly adopted OTTBs, within a year after they’ve retired from the track.