How I Work

I do most of my work remotely (long-distance), and invite clients to submit a photograph of their animal.  If one is not readily available, I will still be able to connect with the animal, with only a physical description.

I do not work “live,” on the phone, but rather, I create a quiet space and time in which to telepathically connect with your animal, so I can concentrate fully on the messages and images that he wishes to convey, without any distractions.  In most cases, the actual communication session lasts for approximately 35-45 minutes, and during that time I will be taking notes of all of the information I receive, so I can fully describe it to you.

To request a consultation, just fill out the “Consultation Request Form.”

The Consultation Request Form is an important component of my session with your animals, but it’s not my only guide.  For the first 10 minutes of our session, I’ll ask them if there is anything they would like to share, whether that might be a poignant memory or a persistent feeling of discomfort.  I’ll be listening–and feeling–for what they have to say, before I even get to your questions.

It’s during this introductory part of the consultation that the most interesting and useful information is often revealed.

Not that your questions aren’t important.  I invite you to share them, and any comments or concerns that you’d like me to address, to ensure that my time with your animal is as productive as possible.  But I’m not looking for “clues.”  In most cases, your animal will offer specific, verifiable details that will give you the confidence to know that I was really talking with him!

Upon receipt of your payment, I will schedule a time to communicate with your animal, and will subsequently arrange a telephone appointment with you to discuss the specifics and nuances of the information I received.  Consultations are scheduled in the order in which payment is received; if your animal’s circumstances are particularly urgent, please let me know.

My goal is always to offer prompt, compassionate service to you and to your animal.

For all remote consultations, I’ll send you a typed transcript from my conversation with your animal, prior to our telephone appointment.

The fee for a remote consultation is $75.00, including our time on the phone (or Email) before and after the session, the communication itself, and the preparation of the transcript.

I offer slightly discounted rates for multiple animals (but I communicate with each animal in a separate session, not as a group), for cats with cancer and for recently retired thoroughbreds.

If you request a followup session within 90 days of the initial appointment, the fee is $60.00.

Emergency consultations are available at $90.00; they are conducted either on a same-day basis or within 24 hours, depending on my availability.

If you prefer an onsite visit, I will also visit barns and equestrian facilities and private homes within an hour’s drive of Sterling, Massachusetts.  Payment can be by check, at the time of the consultation.