Scheduling a Consultation

ConsultationsI conduct most of my telepathic sessions remotely, relying on a photograph of your animal (though photos are not necessary in order for me to make the connection) and some basic details (the animal’s name, age, breed, address).

I invite you to use the “Consultation Request Form”  to submit specific questions or issues that you would like me to address with your animal, to ensure that you receive the information and resolution you are seeking.  If you are requesting sessions with more than one animal, please fill out a separate form for each one.

For remote sessions, I will communicate with your animal “offline” (i.e., not while I’m talking with you), and then type up a “transcript” of our conversation, which I will send to you via Email or regular mail, whichever you prefer.  (Most of my clients really appreciate having this written record, so they can refer back to it whenever they wish.)

We will then schedule a time to discuss the session by phone, so that I can better describe any nuances that aren’t always accurately conveyed in a written message, and talk with you to clarify any questions that may have arisen during my session with your animal.

I allot approximately 90 minutes for each remote consultation, as follows:  actual communication with your animal (30-45 minutes); preparation of written transcript (15-30 minutes); followup telephone call, after you have had an opportunity to review the transcript (30 minutes).

Payment should be made in advance, either via PayPal (see below) or by check.  Please note that I do not schedule a session until payment has been received.

Please feel free to contact me before requesting a consultation.  I am always happy to respond to procedural questions, and want to do everything possible to ensure that your experience will be a positive and pleasant one.  I schedule sessions in the order that payment is received, but will always give special consideration to emergency cases, so that I can work with them as quickly as possible, particularly when they relate to precarious health conditions or death and dying.

For animals in spirit, I recommend waiting about two weeks after an animal has died before requesting a session.

I offer discounts for multiple animals. The usual fee for one animal is $75.00; for two animals: $140.00; for three animals: $195.00, and for four animals: $250.00.

For emergency consultations, conducted within 24 hours (and on a same-day basis whenever possible), the fee is $90.00.  Please call or Email me before submitting payment for these sessions, to ensure that I will be able to respond in a timely manner.

I often recommend flower essences as part of my consultations.  For a price of $90.00, you will receive a complimentary flower essence of your choosing from Green Hope Farm.

The fee for a consultation with a cat with cancer is $50.00, with the balance underwritten by Casey’s Legacy.

For recently retired off-the-track thoroughbreds (OTTBs), I offer a special rate of $50.00 for initial consultations.

I also make onsite or barn visits to stables, farms, and individual homes, if you prefer.  The quality of the information I receive from an animal is the same, whether I am sitting with him in the same physical space, or making a long-distance connection.  Payment for onsite sessions can be made by check at the time of the visit.

For an onsite or barn visit, my fee is $100.00 for one animal; $175.00 for two animals; and $250.00 for three animals, including travel expenses for up to an hour’s drive from Sterling, MA.

You may also purchase gift certificates for one or more consultations (the same fee schedule applies).  Just stipulate that you’re buying a gift certificate when you make your payment via PayPal or by check.

I am always available for follow-ups, in the event that the initial communication opens new areas that you would like to explore. The fee for a follow-up consultation, within 90 days of the original session, is $60.00.

Please note that I am not currently taking lost animal cases, but would be very pleased to refer you to one or more reputable communicators who specialize in this work.  If you know where your animal is, but have been unable to persuade him to come to you, I can often assist with these situations.

Consultation Request Form

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If you’d like to send a photo, please either mail it to me at the address below, or Email it to me at:


You can book your animal’s consultation either via PayPal or by sending a check to:

Maureen Harmonay
Animal Translations
25 Pikes Hill Rd.
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Thank you so much for your trust.

I look forward to working with you, and your animal!