Cats with Cancer

Casey’s Legacy: for the benefit of cats with cancer

caseyfund1In honor of my beloved cat and dear friend, Casey, who lost her battle with cancer on November 26, 2008, I want to help other cats who, with their people, are dealing with the challenges and ravages of this disease.

We often wish that we could know what our cats are thinking and feeling as they endure countless treatments and medications designed to cure or slow the march of cancer cells.

Because cats can be masterful at disguising pain or disability until it has progressed beyond control, it can be useful to approach them telepathically, to tune into their aches and sensations and to assess their emotional and physical energy and their will to persevere. But in devoting our resources to the very best medical, holistic, and palliative care for our cats, we may believe that the cost of a telepathic consultation is an unattainable luxury.

I want to change that, by making routine telepathic “check-ins” for cats with cancer affordable for anyone who wants them. When we understand our cats’ perspective, we can make better decisions about managing their care, and we can better support them if and when their condition deteriorates.

As a tribute to Casey, I will offer my services as an animal communicator to the caretakers of cats with cancer for the discounted rate of $50.00.

I sincerely hope that my small contribution will make a difference to cats with cancer and the people who love them.