Animals in Spirit

BlackspiritdogWhen we are engulfed in the grief and heartache that invariably follows the death of a beloved animal companion, we want nothing more than to reconnect.  We want to know that in some way, she’s still a part of us, however that may be.  We know she’ll live forever in our hearts, but we desperately seek proof that she’s still there. . .somewhere, wherever that may be.

One of the great gifts of animal telepathy is that it can bring this much-wanted reconnection, coupled with a welcome reassurance that while our animal may have shed her body, her spirit remains vibrant and fully aware in another dimension.

My goal in communicating with animals in spirit is to bring a sense of solace, compassion, and comfort to the people left behind, regardless of whether their animal friend’s death occurred in the last month, or in the last 10 years.  It doesn’t matter.  Our ability to reach them remains strong, undiminished by time.

The joy of these consultations comes when an animal reveals treasured intimate details, cherished memories, and sometimes, even the names of people or other animals he knew.  Each session is different, of course, but in my experience, animals invariably offer snapshots that will bring a smile to the person left behind.  To elicit tidbits that bring renewed meaning to the life you shared with your animal is my heartfelt goal.