FAQsHow do you receive the information from the animals?

It can come in several ways.

Often, I will hear the animal talking in my head, in the first person, as in “I would like to have some molasses in my feed.”

Sometimes, the communication is multi-layered, with supporting images, as in hearing the words, “I like the gray cat,” while seeing a picture of that cat interacting with the animal who is talking.

And at other times, there is simply a “knowingness” that happens, too fast for words.  A fact or an idea or a strong impression simply pops up as a fait accompli, and I quietly take note of it.

And for physical issues, I will often feel sensations in my body that I believe are analogous to what an animal is feeling.  While I cannot diagnose what is wrong, I can often pinpoint where it hurts.

What is Animal Communication?

It’s a heart-based emotional exchange of energy, thoughts, feelings, and images, sometimes in lightning-fast progression.

The art of the animal communicator is to be able to gently grasp these fleeting messages as they fly by, to acknowledge them, and to keep the “conversation” flowing.

To be successful, an animal communicator must approach her “interviewee” with not only an open mind, but with a neutral mind, free of prior judgments or expectations.  Only in that way can an animal have the freedom to truly open up and express herself without fear of repercussion, retribution, or adverse reaction.

Animal communication is not “guessing.”  It’s not intellectualizing.  And it’s not an empirical science, offering 100% accuracy every time.

My animal and I live far away from you.  Does that matter? 

No, not at all, but it’s a common misconception!  Telepathy transcends time and space, so its effectiveness is not compromised by the distance between the communicator and the animal.  I have successfully worked with clients in virtually every state, and throughout the world.

 How can you be sure that you’ve really connected with my animal?

In most instances, the animal will provide specific, verifiable details about something that is important to him.   It could be a memory, an unusual favorite food, a physical description of his home or environment, a recent event, or even the name of someone (animal or human) who has played a significant role in the animal’s life.   In many cases, an animal will provide information that I could not possibly known.

Are you a psychic?

No.  While animal communication requires an intuitive sensibility, and the ability to perceive subtle energies, it does not rely on psychic prowess.   I do not make predictions about the future nor do I “read” the animal in some inexplicable way.

The information I receive is transmitted to me directly by the animal, through energy pathways.  These pathways, though invisible, are nonetheless quite real.   With the proper training, almost anyone can learn to develop the ability to use telepathy to connect with animals in a meaningful way.

Can you deliver messages to my animal for me?

Yes.  The communication pathway is a two-way street.  During the course of a telepathic communication session, I receive impressions from the animals, and I also transmit information, images, ideas and queries back to them.  I may suggest to an animal how his behavior might be changed, or I might relay reassuring messages or expressions of encouragement from his person.  And of course, I can always ask questions on your behalf; in many cases, your animal will respond with specific answers.

Can you help with training or behavioral issues?

Yes.  I will attempt to ascertain, from your animal’s perspective, why he is not responding to your requests or why your training commands aren’t being translated into the desired actions.   Once we understand how your animal perceives the situation, you’ll have a better idea of how to modify your routine or your training methology, to be better in tune with what your animal needs in order to move forward.  Just as important, I will help you to visualize a positive outcome, and explain how you can transmit this telepathic image to your animal, so that you are both in sync.  One of my goals is to empower you to work with your animal on a telepathic level, to enhance and enrich your experience together.

Can you talk with animals who have died?

Yes.  The process is exactly the same as it is for a remote communication.  I tune in to the animal’s energy, and get a series of impressions and thoughts, just like I do from animals who are still inhabiting their bodies, here on earth, though the energy can be more subtle and the images more fleeting.  The animal will often share with me specific “pictures” and memories from her life on the physical plane, and will sometimes even describe or name the people or animals who are with her now.  I can ask questions on your behalf, and sometimes (often depending on how long it has been since the animal has died) get a sense of whether the animal wishes or hopes to return, and if so, in what guise.

I recommend waiting at least two weeks after an animal has died before trying to initiate contact, primarily because there seems to be a period of natural adjustment between this life and the next.   It can be tremendously comforting to receive details or flashbacks from the life you shared with your beloved animal, and to realize that your former companion’s spirit is still very much alive.